Retirement Planning

Although for some people pensions can seem a boring subject, the end goal is to make you secure in retirement – however near or far that is.

Nowadays retirement planning is constantly evolving with fewer people enjoying the guaranteed income that comes with a final salary pension and having a longer wait to qualify for a state pension.

Some of the questions we are asked are:

  • Why bother with a pension, wouldn’t a savings plan do just as well?

  • Is it best to join a work place pension or set up a private one?

  • What will my pension pot give me when I finally decide to stop working?

  • How much do I have to contribute to get a good pension?

  • How do I know which provider to use?

And if you have existing pensions, probably built up over many years, how do you make sure they are doing the best job for you?

We are here to answer those questions and help you understand what you have in place and how best to utilise it for your retirement.